Stethoscope bra doktor

telefoonThe bra-doctor answers all your bra-problem questions

There are different ways to contact the bra-doctor call the bra-doctor 071-5140728 for advice or make an appointment for a fitting, you can pick a date and time which will suit you best, one of the Lady Service lingerie specialists will be available for you personally.You can also ask your question via our contactpage

Check our opening hours for a visit if you just want to come to our shop

The bra-doctor answers some questions that are asked frequently:
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Bra problems caused by wearing the wrong size

  • Your breasts are bubbling over the top of your cups and this is visible in your clothes.
  • The wires don’t fit around your breasts very well and stick into your breasts, causing pain. 
  • The bra band under your breasts is to wide, on your back the band is pulled up to high by the straps of the bra, causing your breasts to tople to low in front, instead of pulling them up. 
  • Your bra doesn’t lift your breasts as high as you want them to be.
  • The cups of the bra don’t fit nicely to your chest between both breasts, the wires of your bra stick forward between both breasts.

Bra problems caused by wearing the wrong bra style

  • The straps of your bra are causing pain on your shoulders
  • The straps of your bra are slipping of your shoulders
  • Your bra feels to tight around your chest
  • The wires of your bra cause pain on your chest
  • Your bra doesn’t feel comfortable


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