Breast forms

Breastprostheses or silicon breastforms are available in different shapes. They are all made of silicon, the silicon gives the shape a soft and natural feel and warms up to body temperature while wearing it in your bra. The weight of the breast form is close to a natural breast in the same size. The breast form also has to restore the weight balance in a bra in order to achieve symmetry.The weight balance is also important for balance of your shoulders, in the long term your posture can change because of weight imbalance of the natural breast and the breast form.To wear a breast form you need a suitable bra, most of our customers have a pocket sown in or wear a already pocketed bra. It is also possible to wear the breast form without a pocket directly against your body.

Symmetrical breast form
Symmetrical breast form
A-symmetrical breast form
A-symmetrical breast form

There are different weights available in breast shapes. Some women have shoulder or back problems, for these women it is better to choose a lightweight breastform. The weight of the breastform has to be carried by the shoulder. A well fitted and suitable bra with wide comfort straps will help to reduce shoulder, neck and back problems. A bra with wide shoulders is also more comfortable for women with big cup sizes. The weight of the breastform can’t be reduced to far because to little weight will result in imbalance of the feminine silhouette. Imbalance in weight can also result in neck and back problems in the long run.

The contact breast form has an adhesive surface which will stick to the skin. The surface has been thoroughly tested and is kind to the skin. This breast firm will stay close to the body if you bend forward. It will give you a feeling of security. You won’t need a bra with a pocket, but you will need a bra to achieve symmetry with your natural breast. The natural breast will need support to achieve the same height as the breastform because the silicon is more firm. The contact breast form is ideal for women with shoulder problems because it sticks to the body and in combination with a firm bra will give maximum relieve of the shoulder. Our consultant can give you a demonstration of the contact breast form and let you feel the surface on your skin. This breast form needs to be cleaned every time after wearing it, we can also demonstrate the cleaning to you. Amoena, the supplier of this breast form, allows you to try this breast form for three months. If you don’t like to wear it during this time you can swap the breastform for a non-contact model. (we don’t recommend this contact breast form in the first year after a mastectomy operation)

nude with contact breast form 0007
Amoena contact breast form
361 back
Amoena Contact breastform adhesive surface

Silima direct breast form

The Silima breastform is lightweight and comes with a thin shape retaining adhesive pad. The specially contoured back of the breast form allows perfect positioning for the adhesive pad. This breast form gives you the possibility to either stick it to your skin or wear it in a bra with a pocket. The adhesive pad will stay sticky for approximately six months if youuse it every day. The adhesive pad needs cleaning twice a week.

silima kitThe adhesive breast forms are also available for women who had a partial breast operation.

Restoring symmetry after a partial breast operation

amoena balance contact 1c 2c 2After a partial operation symmetry can be restored with a partial silicon breast form. Sometimes a partial operation results in a minor or large difference between both breasts. The symmetry can be restored with a partial breast form. A difference between both breasts also often occurs years after a reconstruction. The feminin body changes shape and weight several times in a lifetime and breasts change in size. A difference in size and/or shape between the natural breast and a reconstructed breast can affect the symmetry of your bust. Partial breastforms can restore the symmetry without a new operation. Partial breast forms are also covered by all the Dutch Insurance companies.

Breast forms for swimming

Do you swim frequently? We have breast forms specially made for wearing in bikini´s and swimsuits. These breastforms have less weight compared to a regular daily breast form and are easy to wear while swimming. Regular breast forms can endure water contact but are often to heavy for swimwear unless you have a small cup size.


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